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([Wie zijn zij?][Who are they?])
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== [Wie zijn zij?][Who are they?] ==
== [Wie zijn zij?][Who are they?] ==
; [[overcncz_wieiswie_marcel_|Marcel Kuppens]]
; [[Gebruiker:bertw|Bert Witte]]
; [[Gebruiker:bertw|Bert Witte]]
; [[Gebruiker:john|John Peters]]
; [[Gebruiker:john|John Peters]]

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Network management

Network management is situated in room HG03.055 in the Huygens building.

Who are they?

Bert Witte
John Peters
Peter van Campen

What do they do?

C&CZ Network management takes care of:

  • Technical administration of the faculty data network; maintenance of existing and new (wired or wireless) connections.
  • Management of the routers, which divide the ethernet in smaller segments.
  • Resolving network problems. In case of problems, one can also dial telephone 56666 or 53737.
  • Administration of the networks.
  • Design and building of wired and wireless network solutions.
  • Answers to questions about (data) communication in general.